Popmaster is one of  the biggest karaoke service providing companies in southern Finland. We have dozens of enthusiastic and quick-witted karaoke hosts on our lists. Our simple and clear pricing allows us to successfully cater for both our long-term restaurant customers as well as individual party organizers.


It is easy to order karaoke service through Popmaster. On our Finnish-language website’s ”Kokoa pakettisi” (=”Build your package”) page you can choose a party package to suit your event from three options. The options start from the €590 Basic package ranging up to the €1390 Deluxe package. All the Popmaster party packages include a six-hour karaoke show and the equipment. Our hosts are always equipped with a wide range of music, so in the early evening the host can work as a DJ gradually raising the atmosphere. It is possible to order additional hours and equipment for the packages according to need. All this is easily done on our Finnish-language website’s “Kokoa pakettisi” (=”Build your package”) page. The service allows you to see what your package includes and what it will cost. We are also happy to give guidance and tips on the phone, so please do not hesitate to call and ask.


With restaurant customers, our business is based mainly on long-term cooperation agreements. Unlike the general practice in the field, Popmaster operates by hourly pricing. This allows for restaurants to offer program to their customers at just the right time cost effectively. We can work either with the restaurant’s own equipment or, alternatively, bring with us our own karaoke equipment and music libraries.

In karaoke Popmaster focuses especially on the atmosphere and singing experience. The singing experience can be improved significantly with high quality sound system, skillful mixing, colored lights, and smoke. Too often, especially in suburban restaurants, the singer does not even get shown a proper place for singing and at worst is placed with the microphone in the middle of the other customers in the restaurant hall.

Very small investments are required to build a proper performance area or platform in the restaurant that allows the singer to be made a star. With a few colored lights the atmosphere will continue to grow and the singer will want to come back and sing again. In karaoke the most important thing is not to sing correctly, but that everyone has the chance to be a star that others are watching for their own singing moment! It is also not necessary to make the singing moment a too serious event. The joy of singing, fun and enjoying oneself can and must be seen in performances. From the restaurant’s point of view it is essential that customers enjoy themselves and return to the restaurant again.


Children’s karaoke is a fitting program number for customer events, trade fairs and birthday parties. Popmaster’s Children’s karaoke includes all children’s and young people’s favorite songs from the Moomins to Cheek.


No tangos or lamentations are sung in Heavy karaoke. Heavy karaoke provides a heavier alternative to traditional karaoke. The hosts of Heavy karaoke are all dedicated metalheads.


Party karaoke combines DJ services and karaoke. In Party karaoke singing is not taken seriously, and the atmosphere of the evening is elicited with both music from records and fast-paced karaoke songs. Very often in Party karaoke spectacular joint performances are seen on stage, in which songs are belted out loud and the atmosphere is high. In Party karaoke the main thing is not to sing well, but to have fun.