Popmaster provides DJ services for parties, events, and restaurants. Our simple and clear pricing allows us to successfully cater for both our long-term restaurant customers as well as individual party organizers. There are dozens of different types of DJs on our lists, so we are able to choose just the right person for each event. All Popmaster’s DJs have gone through a comprehensive training atthe Popmaster Academy so that we can guarantee the quality of our DJ service. Popmaster’s DJs are music workers, whose primary objective is to get restaurant or event guests to enjoy themselves.


It is easy to buy DJ services through Popmaster. We have created three party ready packages, from which the customer can choose the one that would best suit their own event. Each of our party packages includes a six-hour DJ and/or karaoke show and the equipment. If the event lasts longer, the customer can choose the required number of additional hours for the party package. Packages and can also be fine tuned with additional equipment. Popmaster’s party packages are assembled on our Finnish-language website’s ”Kokoa pakettisi” (=”Build your package”) page. The application allows you to see what is included in  your party package and what it will cost.


With restaurant customers, our business is based mainly on long-term cooperation agreements. We have priced our DJ services for restaurants on an hourly basis, so our customers have the possibility to plan the show time most suitable for their own restaurant in the most cost-effective way. The show time can be defined with a half an hour accuracy, however, in such a way that an individual show has a minimum duration of four hours.

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