DJ Online is a superior music system for background music for restaurant and bars. DJ Online is not based on fixed playlists, but the software will select the songs automatically based on the style and mood defined by the user.

The system also allows music to be pre-programmed according to the restaurant’s daily cycles. For example, during the day it is possible to play music appropriate for an older audience, and in the evening the going gets more energetic, as the younger audience arrives. The staff does not need to do anything in order to change the music. If necessary, the programming can be easily bypassed by selecting a style suitable for the situation.
The song selection is comprehensive and regularly updated, so the music is always on the cutting edge. The system picks up the latest songs to be played, if they fit the musical style selected by the restaurant.
As additional features for DJ Online it is possible to get karaoke, a SMS-based jukebox, and a screen for images, ads, and videos.

You can order DJ Online from Popmaster with installation included. Popmaster will also help in choosing the right styles and making the necessary settings. Call Popmaster tel. 010 2925290 to arrange a personal presentation over a cup of coffee!